Application and dosage of Anarex-Bio®Rapid Health

Start dosage:

The normal dosage is 1 liter per 20 m³ content of your fish pond, including the filter. If necessary, the treatment can be repeated.

In quarantine you can use 2 liters per 20 m³ content of your fish pond.

1 Litre of Anarex-Bio®Rapid Health can best be used by half filling a 10 liter bucket with water from your fish pond and then adding some luke-warm tap water (not hot) until you have 9 liters with a temperature of 23-26 degrees Celsius and then mixing it in. Stir well and leave for 2 minutes, in order to give the bacteria a chance to become active.

Switch off the UV , the ozone machine and if possible the skimmer filter for a minimum of 48 hours.

Dispense the contents of the bucket, mixed with Anarex-Bio®Rapid Health, evenly across the surface of your fish pond with a mug or beaker, like a sowing farmer. Don’t use a watering can. The spray head of the watering can would soon be clogged up by residue.

This residue is what the special lactic acid bacteria feed on and will also be eaten by the koi, which helps them to regenerate from the inside (bowels).


Anarex-Bio®Rapid Health is available in the following packaging:

Presentation Quantity Application
Bottle 1.000 cc  for   20.000 liters of pond water
Can 2.500 cc for   50.000 liters of pond water
  5.000 cc for 100.000 liters of pond water
  10.000 cc for 200.000 liters of pond water


For dealers, breeders and veterinarians special prices are available.

Anarex-Bio®Rapid Health among others, contains large quantities of spore elements and minerals that are essential for healthy growth and development.