Development and History

Motivated by the large number of koi casualties by well-known causes, in spite of expensive treatment, Mr. Manifold as a company was the first to invest in research on new and better solutions and in co-operation with research institutes discovered the possibility of using specially developed and selected lactic acid bacteria.

It was soon clear that these bacteria were able to initiate the appearance, as well as the destruction of bacterial and mould disorders very efficiently.

Since bacterial as well as mould disorders usually manifest themselves in polluted water, where the proper balance is missing and additionally convert natural waste products, such as ammoniac and nitrates in the water to nitrogen, a new 100% biological and multifunctional product was born.

This product was tested in fish ponds with problems all over Europe for quite a number of years. Results throughout those years proved, that the majority of bacterial and mould infections can be eradicated successfully.

This was a revolutionary discovery compared to customary products at the time. The products that were available until then were mainly chemicals and pharmaceuticals, distinguished by direct effects within just a few hours’ time, however leaving toxins in the water. Antibiotic and chemical agents seldom offered the same good recovery results, whilst Anarex-Bio®Rapid Health
The number of koi recoveries compared to treatment with historic remedies is overwhelming.

In the end of 2009 Mr. Manifold offered Koi Discount in Germany to buy the product with all the rights. Koi Discount already sold the product by then, knew how it worked and was very convinced about the product. Since then Anarex-Bio is a registrated trademark of Koi Discount. In 2010 Koi Discount offered Anarex-Bio to Aqua Koi Aquatics. They changed the brand into Anarex-Bio Rapid Health and started selling throughout the UK.