Preventive periodic application

Anarex-Bio®Rapid Health  and periodic treatment !

It is recommended to start a periodic treatment with Anarex-Bio®Rapid Health in early spring, after having prepared your fish pond and filter. This serves to prevent and diminish the presence and consequences of harmful bacteria, waste matter and the unpleasant situations that arise from these.

We also recommend Anarex-Bio®Rapid Health treatment after having prepared your fish pond and filter for winter, at the end of autumn, just like after winter.  
By cleaning the pond and filter before the beginning of winter,
as well as during winter itself, a lot of ammoniac and nitrate forms in the water and always needs to be dealt with urgently. Also, in spring the treatment strongly diminishes the presence of pathogenic bacteria, which multiply profusely during periods with water temperatures between 8 and 15 degrees Celsius and cause sickness in the koi, while the koi only start regaining their strength at water temperatures above 14-15 degrees Celsius.

In the middle of summer when your pond water is warm and the danger of botulism is real in all bodies of stationery water, administering Anarex-Bio®Rapid Health is strongly recommended. This will greatly reduce the number of pathogenic bacteria. By this you also ensure disposal of unwanted substances in your fish pond, which restores the balance that is threatened by e.g. lack of oxygen. Very often, during hot summers, the first really heavy emergencies in koi ponds occur due to the warmth of the water. 
Try to be ahead of this.

Warm water, as it happens, contains considerably less oxygen than cold water; good bacteria, e.g. nitrifying bacteria, die in large numbers due to such lack of oxygen in the water. Disease-inducing bacteria, that generally  don’t need oxygen, grab their chance and multiply explosively to attack, with all the nasty consequences thereof.