What is Anarex-Bio®Rapid Health and what does it do?

  1. Prevents and cures bacterial infections
  2. normalises and optimises bowel functions
  3. repairs wounds / lesions without leaving scars
  4. restores the bacterial balance in your fish pond and filter
  5. conditions and improves pond water to perfection

Anarex-Bio®Rapid Health is a 100% pure biological, multi-functional product, made from very meticulously selected grains, specially selected lactic acid bacteria, lactic acids, enzymes and yeasts.

Anarex-Bio®Rapid Health is in no way harmful to pond water, nitrifying bacteria, koi, plants, pets, humans or the environment.

Anarex-Bio®Rapid Health drives and directs natural organisms, which
results in a healthier biotope climate for optimal growth and
development of fish and plants.

Anarex-Bio®Rapid Health strengthens the immune defence system by enhancing the bowel functions considerably, which means improved digestion of essential healthy elements  in food by the koi.
Result: substantially increased immunity to diseases and perfect growth and body structure.

Anarex-Bio®Rapid Healthhas been tested for many years, with excellent results in koi ponds with mostly Japanese koi in a diversity of circumstances throughout the E.U.

Anarex-Bio®Rapid Health is extremely suitable for combating most bacterial infections, caused by pathogenic disease-invoking bacteria, e.g. aeromonas and pseudomonas bacteria, better known through their consequences, such as topic lesions, rotting mouth, rotting fins and mould infections.

Anarex-Bio®Rapid Health restores the natural balance in your fish pond i.e. through quicker conversion of ammoniac and nitrates to nitrogen.

Anarex-Bio®Rapid Health accelerates the break-down of waste products in your fish pond, whereby your filter is charged considerably less and your fish pond develops much better water quality, which is to the benefit of your koi.

Anarex-Bio®Rapid Health does not release any harmful substances or residues and can be used indefinitely.

Anarex-Bio®Rapid Health in most cases prevents that your koi need antibiotics or chemical medication. Quite often these are the cause of interrupted growth and unhealthy development in your koi and they destroy nitrifying bacteria as well as the essential balance in your fish pond and your koi, by leaving toxins behind in the water.  

With Anarex-Bio®Rapid Health it is absolutely impossible to overdose.

Anarex-Bio®Rapid Health cures practically all bacterial infections.
It has no influence on viral infections though.
A good analysis beforehand, as to what the matter actually is, is always essential before adding anything to your fish pond.

Anarex-Bio®Rapid Health causes no resistance during use. You may continue using it indefinitely.