Preventive annual application

When you start this method of treatment, start with a complete application at the beginning of the season, as soon as your water temperature reaches 8 degrees Celsius in early spring.

From then on you should repeat the treatment every 4 weeks, during the entire season, with at least one third (1/3) of the dosage of Anarex-Bio®Rapid Health that is required for the volume of your fish pond.

Only stop this routine once you’ve prepared your filter for winter. 


During the entire season your koi now have guaranteed protection against the development of most bacterial disorders.
The nitrification process in your fish pond and filter is optimally supported.
This way a constant and healthy balance in your fish pond water is assured.
Organic matter in the water is converted rapidly and purposefully.

Anecdote: Many users have discovered that thanks to preventive annual treatment the presence of skin-, gill- and anchor worms was drastically diminished. To date there is no scientific explanation for this. Present research is geared towards finding an explanation. We thought it would be worth mentioning.

Anarex-Bio®Rapid Health and your holiday!

To avoid problems with your koi during your holiday we advise administering Anarex-Bio®Rapid Health before departure. You will then be sure to return to beautiful and healthy koi.

Don’t permit over-feeding during your absence !
Feed minimally !

Anarex-Bio®Rapid Health is a 100% pure, guaranteed risk-free, specialist, multi-functional, natural product.