Disorder and Lesion Treatment

with Anarex-Bio®Rapid Health

How to administer treatment:

In the fish pond from temperatures of 8-10 degrees Celsius upwards.

Don’t remove the koi from the fish pond that they’re used to. This would only cause unnecessary stress. Attempting to catch them would cause extra stress and extreme stress to koi that display signs of illness is not good. It could make it worse.

Switch off the UV lamp, the ozone machine and possibly the skimmer filter for at least 48 hours.

Shake the bottle of Anarex-Bio®Rapid Health well, until residue and liquid are mixed completely.
1 liter of Anarex-Bio®Rapid Health can best be used by half filling a 10 liter bucket with water from your fish pond and then adding some warm
tap water (not hot) until you have 9 liters with a temperature of 23-26 degrees Celsius and then mixing it in. Stir well and leave for 2 minutes, in order to give the bacteria a chance to become active.
Dispense the contents of the bucket, mixed with <Anarex-Bio®Rapid Health, evenly across the surface of your fish pond with a mug or beaker, like a sowing farmer. (Don’t use a watering can. The spray head of the watering can would soon be clogged up by residue.)     
1 liter of Anarex-Bio®Rapid Health is enough for 20.000 liters of fish pond water.

 Within 4-6 days you will already be able to observe results. (Tests carried out at water temperatures of 19-20 degrees Celsius proved that colder water delays the effects.) A grey membrane will form over the wound / lesion and the healing process starts. As soon as this grey membrane falls off after a short period of time,  the wound is healed and the scales of scaled koi will grow back in their old position in time. Scales only grow back very gradually because they have a different structure, like nails on humans and animals. The color of the new scales may vary slightly from the rest.
The owner doesn't need do anything else but patiently wait for their recovery. Don’t catch / scoop the fish out to check, or start any additional treatment.

In your quarantine tank at a water temperature from 8 degrees Celsius and up

Only use if absolutely necessary and for a very important reason!
A quarantine tank may only be called by this name if it is in used all year and is continually occupied by e.g. at least 2 small koi in order to keep the filter running, meaning 100% running (min. 1 year old). If this is not the case, you will only make the situation of your sick koi worse.

Please make sure that your quarantine tank is large enough, depending on the size of your sick koi. Pay attention to the temperature of the water. The difference in temperature between your pond water and the water in your quarantine tank at the time of transferring the koi may not be more than 3-4 degrees!
Carefully catch your injured koi with a “sock” and don’t lift it high above the water. Place it in the quarantine tank, which must have been sufficiently supplied with air in advance.
Now add Anarex-Bio®Rapid Health in the correct quantity. For a 1000 liter tank, add at least 100 ml (c.c.) , as described under "dosage". For a quarantine tank you may double the quantity. The water thereby also receives good treatment, see also description of "Improving water condition".  

By swimming in the water with the Anarex-Bio®Rapid Health solution, your koi are also cleaned inside, i.e. mouth, gills and bowels.

After adding Anarex-Bio®Rapid Health continue observing well and await recovery.
Patience is essential.

Refresh at least 10% of the water once a week. Add Anarex-Bio®Rapid Health according to scale. Let progress proceed.


After adding Anarex-Bio®Rapid Health your pond water will become slightly clouded for a few hours to 24 hours at most. This will clear up on its own and there is no reason to be alarmed.

DO’s and DON’TS :

Important !

Don’t touch injuries / lesions! Hands off!
Never rub or clean wounds nor their vicinity with anything, e.g. a peroxide solution.
Anarex-Bio®Rapid Health does the rest and ensures the repair of the skin to it’s prior healthy status  within a few weeks, or sometimes a little longer, depending on how soon treatment is started and water temperature. 
Should the wounds have been treated with other remedies prior to this or should you waited too long before starting the treatment, this will unfortunately almost always lead to permanent scarring.


EXAMPLE: A mouth, that’s half rotted away will never grow back to its former state again.